Heli-Wineries - Canadian Tourism Commission Signature Experience
Beyond the city limits of Niagara Falls lie the vast picturesque orchards and vineyards of the Niagara Fruit Belt. The soil here is so rich it supports over 15,000 acres of grapes and over more than 70 wineries along what is recognized globally as an outstanding wine producing area known as the Niagara Wine Route. For an even closer tour of these local wineries, you can arrive in style as our specialty charters bring you right to the vineyard.

  • Chateau des Charmes
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      "New World Excellence. Old World Tradition."

      Swoop over the Niagara Escarpment and Château des Charmes’ award-winning Paul Bosc Estate and St. David's Bench vineyards come into view. As the fountain and rose gardens grow larger our pilot gently lands on the front lawn of Niagara's own Château. Founded in 1978 by fifth-generation French winegrower Paul Michel Bosc, Château des Charmes is the jewel of Niagara Wine Country. In the belief that fine wine is grown and not made, the Bosc family has been committed to employing and advancing sustainable viticultural practices for decades. Their four vineyard sites, totaling 270 acres have been carefully tended to produce the quality grapes necessary to make world-class wines. With devotion to excellence and innovation, and a regard for tradition, Paul Sr. has built upon five generations of winegrowing experience that will serve his family for many future generations. For the Bosc family, making wine is not what they do, it is who they are. Daily tours, tastings and special events year round.

      For Information & Booking Helicopter, call (905) 357-5672 (Niagara Helicopters). Tour & Tasting, call (905) 262-4219 x34 (Anastasia Belashov, Group Tour Manager, Château des Charmes).
  • Hillebrand Estates
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      "Wine Country Starts Here."

      Cruise over acres of vineyards and gently set down on the manicured lawns outside Hillebrand's Vineyard Cafe. Hillebrand produces a range of wines from classic varietals like Chardonnay to unique styles such as Pinot Gris. Enjoy them in a tailored-for-you tasting, as part of Hillebrand's winery tour or as the perfect complement to Chef Tony de Luca's spectacularly original food creations. When they celebrate Vineyard Jazz and Vineyard Blues, enjoy your glass of wine with the wonderful sound of music. If you can't bear to leave the wine, visit the Wine Boutique and stock up on your favourites, including rare and limited editions. Come for the wine, stay for the day.

      For information & booking: Helicopter, call (905)357-5672 (Niagara Helicopters). Restaurant, call (905) 468-7123 (Hillebrand Estates). Ask for Vineyard Cafe. Private wine tasting, tours, call (905) 468-7123 (Hillebrand Estates). Ask for Hospitality Sales Department.
  • Peller Estates
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      "Three generations of excellence."

      Peller Estates has combined the best vineyards and skilled winemaking with patience and dedication to produce the highest quality premium wines. The intriguing idea of family excellence spanning three generations has captured the attention of consumers and critics alike. A new winery situated on a 40 acre vineyard is scheduled to open its cellar doors in April of 2001. Within walking distance of the Old Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and the scenic Niagara Parkway, this third generation winery focuses on winemaking excellence. Guests can experience customized tours and tastings, browse the winery boutique and sample the award winning vintages at one of the eight private tasting rooms. The rare vintage library and barrel cellar are additional attractions. Visitors will enjoy dining overlooking the vineyards in the grand dining room - the perfect atmosphere to experience the wine and cuisine indicative of the best our region has to offer.

      For information & booking: Helicopter, call (905)357-5672 (Niagara Helicopters). Winery tours, wine tastings, call Peller Estates, Customer Service, 1-888-673-5537.
  • John Howard Estates
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      Megalomaniac wines are available exclusively at Niagara Helicopters from the cellars of John Howard, the former proprietor of Vineland Estates. With names like Narcissist Riesling, Bravado Cabernet and My Way Chardonnay that are intended to capture the personalities of the grape varieties, Megalomaniac Wines were created to be fun drinking wines. This unique brand of wine is available only at select exclusive locations and fine restaurants in the region. The wine is crafted by master winemakers who use state of the art equipment and French oak barrels

      Megalomaniac wines have received many awards and honours, including the double gold (highest honour) at the San Francisco International Wine Competition in 2007. The wine has also been featured in many publications including the Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun and Vines Magazine. John Howard himself has also received many honours including a Lifetime Achievement Award from Niagara Entrepreneur Awards. A portion of the proceeds made from the sales are donated to the support of the Kids Health Link Foundation, to which Megalomaniac Wines have already donated over $25,000.

      For information & booking call (905)357-5672 (Niagara Helicopters).
  • Vineland Estates
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      "Ontario's Most Picturesque Winery."

      From your first glimpse by helicopter or by land, prepare to have your heart and your imagination stolen by Vineland Estates. Nestled on the gentle slopes of the Niagara Escarpment Bench, the winery is indisputably one of the most memorable properties on Ontario's wine route. In the dining room (and on the terrace in the summer) of Vineland’s awarded “Top Twenty Winery Restaurants in the World”, you can sip premium VQA wines and savour regionally inspired dishes by chef de cuisine Justin Downes, while peering over lush vineyards that roll out to a stunning view of Lake Ontario. In addition, the “wooden cathedral”, heritage 1877 log barn that houses the wineshop and tasting bar is always ready to welcome and serve you well. You'll never forget the experience of enjoying your wines just steps from the vines that produced them. If you prefer a more personal and intimate experience, you can always call and arrange for one of the signature private tours and tastings from the list of seasonal offerings. Visit and prepare to be swept away!

      For information & booking:
      call (905)357-5672 (Niagara Helicopters)
      call (888) 846-3526 (Vineland Estates). Ask for Reservations, ext. 33
      Private wine tasting and wineshop:
      call (888) 846-3526 ex. 26 (Vineland Estates)
      For all other details please visit www.vineland.com