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What's New
Niagara Helicopters Sold January 7, 2012
Helicopter Transport Services Canada purchases Niagara Helicopters Limited. Ruedi Hafen to remain onboard as Vice President Public Relations.
"... not only does your operation aspire to the highest industry and regulatory standards, but you have introduced many additional systems, and modifications, which though optional to your company, represent a real advancement in both passenger comfort and safety, and a softening on the environmental impact of the helicopters."
Niagara University, NY recognizes President and Chief Pilot of Niagara Helicopters, Ruedi Hafen by presenting him with the Purple Eagle in recognition of his Niagara sightseeing business
Our Guestbook

A big THANK YOU to all of you for an absolute phenomenal Saturday afternoon. What a treat!

My guests from all around the world - South Africa, Austria, Germany and Mexico - had a wonderful time, me of course as well. John's reception at his castle, the helicopter tour over the Niagara peninsula, the wine tasting and Mark Picone's culinary experience were all FIRST CLASS top notch events. It is an absolute pleasure to watch masters perform their skills when they perform their acts, whether it'd be wine making, flying a helicopter or artfully preparing meals. The passion and the heart and soul they put into their work is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Thank you all for making this an unforgettable birthday!

Thomas Prell - Waterloo Ontario

Just a note to thank you for an amazing experience. I took my father for a combination surprise birthday present and a clean bill of health after months of chemo. The lady at the counter said dad could sit next to the pilot. Extra cool! It was a once in a lifetime thrill for us! I think he was a little nervous too but once we saw the beautiful Niagara sights, the nervousness went away. We purchased the pictures and he's now showing them off to his friends.
Karen - Canada