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Niagara Helicopters COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

As of July 2, 2021, NHL will operate under the following:

Operational Procedures

  • NHL will start operating with the BH06 (4-seat) type helicopter where social distancing and cabin separation can be accomplished more easily. At this time, we will begin allowing two or more separate parties to fly within the same helicopter as per Transport Canada Guidelines. It shall be stressed that MASKS ARE CONSIDERED MANDATORY FOR ANY PERSON OVER THE AGE OF 2 (RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE 2 TO 5 WHENEVER POSSIBLE TO DO SO WITHOUT CAUSING THE CHILD HARM).
  • Pilots and ground crew will wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times, and whenever social distancing cannot be adhered to.
  • Helicopter cabin will be disinfected, by ground crew, after each flight and before new passengers are accepted inside the cabin.
  • Passengers with Tickets only will be allowed outside in the helicopter ride line-up. Social distancing marks will be implemented in the line up indicating a 6-foot separation between parties.
  • A COVID19 response plan for employees is in place and employees must attend a mandatory training session in accordance with the response plan that might be updated as the situation changes from time to time.
  • Passengers will be required to wear face masks. They will have the option of wearing their own, however the face mask must be multi-layered to ensure compliance with Transport Canada rules. If they do not have an acceptable face mask, they will be provided with one. If a passenger chooses not to wear a mask, they will automatically be refused boarding as per Transport Canada Directives unless they can provide documented proof that they are not medically able to wear a mask .
  • Before boarding the helicopter, each passenger will be asked to use a hand sanitizer station located at the helipad entranceway. All passengers must adhere to proper hand hygiene procedures. Crew members will ensure all passengers use the hand sanitizing station prior to boarding.

Front Desk Procedures

  • Building procedures will be handled very much like at smaller retail stores.
  • Social distancing of 6 feet outside the building, pre-ticket area, outlined with markings on the floor.
  • Only one person at the time is allowed inside the ticketing area.
  • Front Desk Personnel will be “shielded" behind plexi-glass.
  • Touchless payment will be encouraged and all debit/credit machines will have wipeable plastic shields over touch points.
  • Only the amount of tickets will be sold, that allows the lineup to keep up with social distancing requirements.
  • Health screening will be conducted, in accordance with “TRAVELLING BY AIR” guidelines set by Transport Canada, prior to selling a ticket and a Coronavirus Form for Contact Tracing will be filled out by one person per group.

Retail Area Procedures

  • Only 10 people will be allowed in the retail area at any time.
  • All other procedures including a plexi-glass shield and touchless payment options noted above will also be in place.

General Procedures

  • All traffic and washrooms areas will display current posters as posted by Transport Canada, The Province of Ontario and The Ontario Public Health Agency.
  • All washrooms and high-touch areas will be cleaned at a MINIMUM of once every half hour.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will remain at all doors, stairways, washroom entrances and at the helipad entrance with signage encouraging their use.
  • PPE will be provided to all employees as required and in accordance with OSHA.

2020/2021 Prize Certificates and Free Passes

  • As of July 2021, recipients can redeem prize certificates – with the understanding that they will fly with other passengers and must wear a mask at all times throughout the experience. Please see above for additional information.