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Aerial Photography

Niagara Helicopter Photo Services and all Niagara Helicopters pilots are experienced in every aspect of aerial photography.

Our satisfied customers include: 

  • real estate developers who desire the big picture of land slated for housing developments, shopping malls or golf courses. From the helicopter, they can instantly envision the lands proximity to highways, access roads, streams, and neighbourhoods,
  • hoteliers who need to know with relative certainty what the view will be like from a proposed property addition. With proper government permissions, a helicopter can hover at the intended altitude while photographers record the view,
  • private individuals or business executives who want before and after photos of their properties or need wide-view photos for promotional brochures,
  • television stations that require coverage of specific events such as auto races or record- defying human chain attempts,
  • film companies that need air-to-ground or air-to-air shots,
  • and many, many more.

References available upon request. Use your own photographer or hire one our experienced aerial photographers from Niagara Photo Services. For quotes please contact us at