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Anthony Loro
Heliport Manager

Anthony Loro began his career with Niagara Helicopters in May, 2011. Prior to that time he worked extensively with our company while employed by our electrical contractor for over 18 years. Anthony brings extensive trade knowledge to his position having been Project Lead on several Niagara Helicopters improvement projects over the past several years. He manages all aspects of the Terminal and Hangar buildings as well as the Heliport Grounds - exceeding Transport Canada and the Canada and Ontario Health and Safety standards. He also oversees our Ground Crew who keep the entire property clean and welcoming for our guests. 

Front Desk

When you arrive at Niagara Helicopters one of the first people you meet is our Front Desk Team. Our multilingual staff is extremely friendly and are eager to assist you with any questions regarding our attraction. Known as one of the most integral aspects of our operation; our main focus to ensure you experience the Falls in a whole new way. The Front Desk maintains minute by minute communication with pilots by dispatching flights and logging flight paperwork; while doing so they oversee that the daily operation runs smoothly to ensure the safety of our guests.


Located only minutes away from The Falls with plenty of free parking, Niagara Helicopters unique "No Fly, No Pay" policy applies and if for any reason you are unable to fly your ticket is refunded from the point of purchase. No questions asked.

Fallsview Hotels

Fallsview area is home to many fine hotels and attractions such as the Imax Theatre, Fallsview Casino Resort, Skylon Tower, Fallsview Marriott and more!

Canadian Horseshoe Falls

Commonly known as the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, they tower at over 188 feet high, and the rim of the Horseshoe Falls measures 2200 feet across - the same as Yosemite's famous Cathedral Spires.

American Falls

As you look at the American Falls you will notice the United States on one side and Canada on the other. Also, look closely for the smaller Bridal Veil falls.

Niagara Rapids & Rainbow Bridge

Make sure to bring your camera to capture these "once in a lifetime" moments.


Formed as the river roars downhill over huge chunks of limestone, the rapids can churn waves up to 20 feet!


Cheerfully guiding you every step of the way, our ground crew ensures a safe and smooth entry to the helicopter and secures each passenger with an industry standard safety harness. The moment you feel yourself lifting off, you know you're about to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Make sure to smile to the cameraman!