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What began as a patch of dirt and grass with a concrete helicopter pad and a wooden shack for selling tickets has grown into quite an enterprise at the end of Victoria Avenue in Niagara Falls. Today’s Niagara Helicopters boasts many updates and upgrades including plentiful FREE parking, beautifully landscaped grounds with a picnic and aircraft viewing area which is fully integrated with an ice melt system for winter operations. This ensures all of our pathways and landing areas are clear of ice and snow.

Indoors you will find a lovely gift shop featuring exclusive Niagara Helicopters, Niagara Falls and Canadian souvenirs. Our photo lab provides professional quality photography – from personal keepsakes to posters of the Niagara Falls in all seasons!  If you don’t want to fly, we make it easy for you to watch the action! Enjoy a beverage, snack or an ice cream while you watch the helicopters take off and land! We’re happy to have you!